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LUA 4.0 source-code formatter.


--- HW2 Pretty-Printer v1.24
--- Created: 08/14/05 by Mikail
--- Last updated: 04/19/06
--- Homepage:
--- http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Quadrant/3864/homeworld.htm
--- Discussion:
--- http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=84449
--- Download:
--- http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Quadrant/3864/homeworld.htm


This is a pretty-printer for LUA code.

Extract the contents of this archive into a folder on your

Note: Windows Scripting Host v5.6 must be installed in order to
use the Explorer and batch modes.

There are two ways in which you can use this pretty-printer:

1) In Explorer, drag & drop a single Lua file
containing the code you wish to process onto the
included JS file. The output will be copied to a new
file with the same name and in the same directory as
the input file, but with an additional ".pretty"

2) On the command-line, the syntax is as follows:

cscript [ScriptPath] [InputPath] [[OutputPath]]
[[-o]] [[-s]] [[-help]] [[-verbose]] [[-debug]]

[ScriptPath] - The full path to
[InputPath] - The full path of the Lua file to
[OutputPath] - The full path of the output file. If
omitted, then the output will be
copied to a new file with the same
name and in the same directory as the
input file, but with an additional
".pretty" extension (unless the "-o"
switch is also specified).
[-o] - Tells the program to overwrite the
input file.
[-s] - Tells the program to strip comments
from the code.
[-help] - Prints this help text to the screen.
[-verbose] - Turns verbose messaging on.
[-debug] - Generates an additional file in the
source directory that is helpful in
debugging the program (or file).

Note: if the program encounters what it thinks is an error, it
will print an error message and quit.

Make sure the file you're processing doesn't contain any of the
following strings, as they will cause the pretty-printer to
@cc@ (where is any positive integer)
@ss@ (where is any positive integer)
@ii@ (where is any positive integer)
@aa@ (where is any positive integer)

Also make sure the file doesn't have more than 10000 pairs of
curly brackets.


Fixed removal of semi-colons. (They're sometimes needed to
separate different types of table entries.)
Blank lines are now removed from the beginning of files and
added to the end of files, if not already.
Parentheses are no longer added around operations. (Old
method was buggy.)
Hopefully fixed natural logarithms. (The different parts
were being separated if an addition or negation sign
appeared between them.)

Added the "-unix" command-line switch.

Some changes to pre-formatting.

A little bit of code clean-up.
Gibberish is now replaced with original code in reverse order.
Old version info is now removed before adding the new.
Improved removal of lines containing only whitespace.
Table-entries containing nothing but semi-colons are no
longer removed, as this could potentially lead to bugs.

Zero-decimal values are now removed.
Semi-colons at the end of lines are now removed.
Better checking for double-spacing.
A new-line character is now added to the end of the file if
Zeroes are now added before decimals when missing.
Line breaks no longer occur before unary operators in
function arguments and table indices.
Improved line-breaking before unary operators.
Unary operators are now always followed by a space. (Makes
other arithmetic look correct.)
Fixed drag & drop support broken in the last release.
Table-entries containing nothing but semi-colons are now
Improved inserting of comma after last table-entry.
Improved putting key-value pairs on the same line.
Spaces before commas are now removed.

Added the "-s" switch. The program can now be told to strip
comments from the code.
Fixed a bug that resulted in some command-line arguments not
to being detected properly.
Blank lines at the beginning of files are now removed.
Fixed formatting around table indices.
Tables used as function arguments are no longer broken onto
new lines.
Formatting of whitespace for function arguments and table
indices are is now handled separately from the rest of the
code. Grouping of different operations based on function is
now, as a result, better.

Added the option to overwrite the source file using the "-o"
Added the option to specify the output file.
Calls to "dofile" and "dofilepath" are no longer garbled.
Help screen has been updated.
Whitespace between function names and function arguments is
now removed.

Included a test file in the archive for stress-testing the
Multiple files can no longer be processed at once, either via
the command-line or drag & drop.
Added the "-help", "-verbose" and "debug" switches.
"for i = a, b, c do" statements no longer break onto new
Unary operators no longer cause list items to be placed at
the end of the previous line.
Fixed some cases of unary operators not handled properly.
Exponation operator is no longer surrounded by spaces.
Functions defined in lists now break/indent properly.
Functions defined in variable/value format now break/indent
Lone "do ... end" statements now break properly.
"repeat ... until" are now dealt with specifically.
Missing parentheses are now placed around "until" statements.
Tables inside expressions no longer screw things up.
Variables names containing the substring "or" are no longer
split before and after the substring.
Carriage returns are now being added along with all line-
Comments are now replaced first.
String indices are now stored as gibberish in the indices
Gibberish is now reverted back into code in the reverse order
that it was converted into gibberish.
"return" no longer screws up breaking and indentation.
Values returned following "return" are now always placed on
the following line.

Comma-separated list elements no longer appear all on the
same line.
More detailed progress report printed to screen.
The program will now alert the user and quit if it encounters
an error.

The program now prints the version, as well as usage
instructions, when it is run without any parameters.
The output file extension has been changed from ".out" to
Added message output to the screen showing progress of the
program when the program is run in the "cscript" host (as
opposed to the "wscript" host).

Mathematical/logical symbols within parentheses are now
Whitespace within parentheses is now processed.

The program now works with all Lua code (as far as I've
tested), not just tables.
The progam now prints a small personal blurb to the output

The first opening bracket in each table is now properly
New lines are now generated after semicolons.
Mathematical & logical symbols are now surrounded by spaces.
Nested parentheses are now handled properly.

Initial release.

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