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Click here to download Kadesh (Protectors of the Garden) MOD V2.1.4


Mod that brings back Kadeshi as playable race to Homeworld.

Contains some additional units.


Kadesh ( Protectors of the Garden ) MOD V2.1.4

Now here it comes...

Instructions :

The Kadesh MOD replace the Taiidan site .
Donīt forget , that it is still a beta and not everything is working like it would be in later versions.

Feel free to Mail me about Bugs and suggestions , so I can change some things to make a better Mod for everyone .
Mailto : ixjamix@wtal.de

Installation will not longer be a problem cause this version is now in .big file format like Relic release their updates .
This MOD include all stuff of Homeworld version 1.05 ( 1.05 must be Installed for playing this MOD !!!! ) .

Unzip the downloaded file -
Copy Files to your Homeworld Directory -
Start the Mod with the Kadesh Mod v2.1.4.bat

Known Bugs :

You can not play on Maps that will have more Research Ships as 1 at starting !!!
The Game will crash while loading .

Not all Skins are working Correct , Skinning all ships is much work . But with later versions there will be more and more new Skins .
For Example - The highest zooms are overworked at nearly all ships except the Heavy Cruiser .
Also retextured is the Proximity Sensor ( Target Drone ) , like some people suggested me .
The Ion Cannon Textures are again blue until i find out how i can make them better as in the last version ( I know they looked really BAD ) .

Internet Play:

The game IS playable over WON, as long as all parties have the same version of the mod on their computers. Please name any games using this mod " Kadesh MOD V2.1.4 "
or whatever the version may be so people know.
Playing other people who dont have the mod can cause serious problems, so don't do it.
This MOD was only created for Skirmishes and Multiplayer , at the moment it cant work with the Single Player Campains .

Thanks to:

Alex Garden and Relic - for this great Game
Lachesis_atatata - for the BigViewer
The Babylon 5 Mod Team - for Mexedit

Special Thanks to:

Marion Patricia May / alias Patty - for her Patience :-)
Sven Priemer / alias Piny Tie - for Beta Testing
Stephan Krell / alias MAD - for Beta Testing
The Relic Message Board Community for Bug reportings and many Suggestions