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HW2 Build Unit Lanes simply called NemBUL v1.0 is tool designed to calculate times of construction of fleets at the beginning of Homeworld 2 game. This way you can calculate most efficient build queue without making dozens of ingame tests.

The tool is single html file - index.html - which you open with your browser.

The readme file below isn′t in fact a readme as such. it′s help provided with application - in case you couldn′t find it: here it is.


NemBUL v1.0 - NemesisChikens HW2 Build Unit Lanes

NemBUL is a web-based application that allows Homeworld2 players to rapidly develop various
build strategies without having to actually spend time testing them out inside the game against
either CPU or live opponents. The NemBUL engine simulates mining operations and calculates raw
material collections based on the total number of resource collectors and initial starting resource
units. The NemBUL engine also has a complete database of all the various Hiigaran and Vaygr
unit construction time and costs as well as all research options.

Window Layout
Across the top of the window are options to reset the form, select which race to use, select the
number of initial Resource Collectors, and set the initial RU Balance. The Display option controls
what is shown in the reminder of the window:

- SwimLanes ... displays the various build channels
- Mothership ... displays Mothership unit construction totals
- Carrier(x) ..... displays Carrier unit construction totals
- Research ...... displays Researching totals
- Orders ......... displays Build Order Manager
- Help ............ displays this help page

The NemBUL window displays columns that represent the various build command channels of
units, modules, and research for production ships. The swim lanes go down the page displaying
a construction time-line. A scale on the left-hand side of the page shows the minutes elapsed
along with 3 colored bar graphs which represent the Mining Income from Resource Collectors,
Construction Costs, and RU Balance.

When a new production vessel is build (e.g. a carrier or shipyard) a new set of swim lanes for
that ship will be added to the display and delays added to those lanes.

Getting Started
Using the pull-down menus in each swim lanes, select the unit / module / research to be built
which will then be added in that swim lane. The pull-down menus have all of the build objects
grouped under red headings to help seperate and identify the objects. The menus also have 3
special options:

- UnDo, which will remove the last build item in that lane
- Pause:15, will add a 15 second delay to that lane
- Wait:60, will add a full minute (60 secs) delay to that lane

Build Order Manager
The Build Order Manager display is designed to allow for saving and loading various build orders
that are created with NemBUL. The Order Manager displays the NemBUL engine commands that
were used to create the current swim lanes. These can be saved to a text file by first selecting the
commands and copy / pasting them into the file. These commands can then be loaded at a later
time by pasting them into the text window and clicking on the "Update Orders" button. Note that
in most cases, NemBUL should be "RESET" prior to loading in new orders as any existing orders
are NOT cleared prior to adding the new orders.