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Click here to download Relic Community Homeworld Soundtrack 2.0


Almost 200 MB of best soundtrack amongst PC games! In pack you have 48 tracks and 2 covers to print on your CD case.

Hope you′ll enjoy it as much as I do!


Hi guys, Kapyrna here...

So It's done.

I remember when I first saw Homewrold over at a mate's house. I think it was the cut-scene of the death of Kharak. Well, I got hooked. I slept over that night and stopped playing about ten the next morning. I got halfway through to Diamond Shoals. He didn't play it much anymore since he'd gotten into FPS games like Counterstrike, so he lent it the disk to me. Two days later I had a Game of the Year Best Sellers box on my desk and I returned his copy. Since then I've moved computers three times, and Homeworld was always the one game that stayed installed. The thing that caught me most was the music...and now I'm writing this for the re-release of the Community Soundtrack.

I've encoded the audio into MP3 at the quality it came out of the WXD archive. I wanted to do FLAC until I realized that the original AIFRs didn't go higher than 230 kbps, so the MP3 is as full quality as possible. Tagging was a little more troublesome, since there were no file-names, just numbers. I tried to put them in order of appearance in-game, and used what I thought best described the feel of the scene when the music is referenced. I'd already extracted the music for myself according to various tutorials I found on the boards (This was well before the torrented soundtrack troff kicked off in 2005), but this public re-release project didn't really kick off for me until Riess made the call for the 'ultimate listing'.

Unfortunately, I was not able to contact Mr. Ruskay for a little tidbit on the soundtrack, but the ten-year anniversary of the game is coming up soon, so we might get something there. I want to thank him here for the top-notch work not only in this game, but the other two as well. Much of the reason I keep coming back to the game is for it's music. Soon as college work dies down I'll pick the Homeworld2 soundtrack project back up. I also asked Nutritious if we could include his remixes of the Kadeshi themes and the Bridge of Sighs BGM, and he agreed. Props to Progenitor for his cover art. I posted a thread in the Studio and within hours he'd put up the front cover. Thanks, man. ORCACommander volunteered to started our seeding, seeing as I myself couldn't. Thanks again. Sky_Walker's help with the Wikia pages certainly helped to keep track of the various stages of completion.

So, kick back, put it on shuffle-repeat and enjoy.


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