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I′m proud to present collection of early Homeworld 2 scripts. Major part of it is Dust Wars documentation. script of very early version of Homeworld 2. according to some fans "what Homeworld 2 should be". for me it′s just very early draft. and I′m not so sure if thats what Relic really wanted HW2 to be. but for sure it′s the direction game would take if not Sierra cutting out the founds.
Additionally you can find here script from November 2002. it contains additional details related to HW2 (not canon however). I like much the concept of first mission start from this docs... what a pity it didn′t happen in game :/

Index of files:
Adam′s Homeworld Empire Script.pdf
Email from Rob.pdf
Homeworld 2 Story Progress 10 pager Final_bullets.pdf
New story spin.pdf
HW2 SCRIPT november 2002.pdf


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