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CnlPepper modded CFHodEd to support tangents and bitangents necessary for the parallax mapping (bump maps/height maps, however you'll call it)


Current version is 3.19

CnlPepper added some new features to 4E534B's CFHodEd:

1) tangents and bitangents, necessary to impliment bump/parallax mapping are now calculated when the HOD is saved. To update an old mesh simply load it and resave it with the new version of the program.

Just to give you a heads up: I'm suspicious there is a bug somewhere in the code, please test it on as many models as possible (it won't break anything, the models will just look odd with the parallax shader if they are affected)

2) Relative indexing has been added to the OBJ loading routines so HodEd is now be able to directly import OBJs exported from Lightwave's OBJ export plugin. This will save a lot of hassle with people needing to find mesh converters (most of which are a pile of utter cr*p or hyper expensive).

3) I've added an option to recalculate the vertex normals for OBJ files when they are imported. This is again mainly for Lightwave (though it should help others having trouble getting model smoothing to work). Any polygons which share vertexes will be smoothed, including across different textures - I can't believe how many mesh conversion tools screw this simple detail up! To prevent parts of the mesh being smoothed you need to unweld the polygons, ie the polygons must have their own vertexes to not be smoothed.

EDIT: Fixed small bug with tangent and bitanget claculations which resulted in wierd strips of incorrect lighting on meshes using the parallax shaders. To fix your models simply load the model in the new version (3.19) and then resave it.

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