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Click here to download PEON v.1.0b - Homeworld Geometry Processor


Tool to convert .peo to .raw (Raw Triangles file format which can be open by 3D studio max or 3D Canvas or most of the 3D software) (PEO is format of geometry used for 3D models in Homeworld)


This file will extract the 3D mesh out of homeworld .PEO file.
You need to use the BIG viewer to get the PEO file.
Open the PEO file with PEON and press the process button.
You will find a shipfile.RAW file in your directory.
This file can then be converted into any 3D format using the 3D conversion
tool of your choice (eg:Wcvt2pov). You can then play with the mesh.
Design modified ships etc.

Later version of PEON will let you import a mesh into the PEO file

Thanks go to Relic for excellent program, Lachesis_atatata for the BIG file
format and his helpful posts (btw: check out his amazing model viewer!).

My email is: you can email me to tell me
how big my dick is. Before you email any questions check
I will have any updates to PEON there.

If you find any bugs email me too.

At the moment, the program will only work with PEO files which contain
one object. This is a proof of concept program and it will evolve.

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