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Click here to download SE K750i Homeworld Fan pack v.1.1


Pack of 2 themes. 41 wallpapers and 2 animations from Homeworld and Homeworld 2. Themes are for Sony Ericsson W800. Sony Ericsson W700. Sony Ericsson K600. Sony Ericsson K750 and Sony Ericsson K750i.


--> Sony Ericsson K750i Homeworld Fan pack <--

] Author: Sky_walker
] Released: 30.04.2008 v.1.1
] Homeworld Relic Entertainment -
] [hope that Relic don't mind this release. It's only for fans, no profits.]
] Compatible cell phones: W800, W700, K600, K750, K750i and likely all other SE phones with resolution 176x220.

Pack of 2 themes for SE phones 176x220px. Additionally contains 41 wallpapers, and 5 animations. First theme from pack was created back in December 2007. After that I thought about creating some wallpapers, then animations, and finally theme from first Homeworld. All these, with few new wallpapers added was compiled into one pack and published on my DeviantART profile for people who would like to have Homeworld not only on their PC ;). General idea of wallpapers was not only to bring something in background, but also to give you stuff to show someone who has never heard about Homeworld. Hopefully then you'll manage to convince him/her to try this great game :). Animations are mostly my experiments, but in any way they work great as start-up screen, or screen saver.
Hope you like it all,

]Known bugs:
- Popups in HW1 theme tend to look ugly/being cut on edges. Sorry, this bug in irreparable, as both big popups, and small popups use same graphic
- Lack of ring signals in themes. It's not bug, it's just the way it is.
- Animation X bugs my phone when used as wallpaper. I would suggest not using big animations as wallpapers, as phone "RAM" memory is too small to handle huge files. eg. bentus.gif shouldn't be used as wallpaper, but hiigaran_emblem1.gif can be (and looks cool).
- Other bugs report via Assam Kiith'sid / Note on DeviantART / PM on RelicNews forums.

Assam Kiith'sid Storehouse -
-great source of modding tools, and other various files related to Homeworld
My DeviantArt profile -
-graphics and animations from Homeworld
Encyclopedia Hiigara ('The Great Daiamid Library') -
-Homeworld wiki, all you need to know about Homeworld universe

]Version history
1.1 - 30.04.2008 - sightly modified Homeworld 1 theme, various improvements of Homeworld 2 theme
1.0 - 12.04.2008 - public first release

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