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Click here to download HW2 MissionDude 1.55


Mission dude is Mikail′s mission editor for Homeworld 2. It′s 2D. but quite complex and simple tool. One of best features is included set of custom level functions which allows you to create great maps in matter of minutes.

Tool requires Adobe SVG browser-plugin.


=== MissionDude v1.55
=== Created: 11/05/06 by Mikail
=== Last updated: 05/25/08
=== Homepage:
=== http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Quadrant/3864/homeworld.htm
=== Discussion:
=== http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=120414

This is a map editor for Homeworld 2. It supports drag-and-drop
editing of files, loading and saving works in progress, as well
as exporting and importing to and from HW2's ".level" file
format. There are a variety of built-in functions to create
maps in different shapes and sizes. All level files use a
common API that makes maps easy to modify later.

See the program help files for additional information.

Log onto Windows using an administrator account.
Copy the contents of this archive to a folder somewhere on
your harddrive. Remember where this folder is located, and
create a shortcut to "MissionDude.hta" on your desktop or in
your "Start" menu.
Associate "missiondude.ico" with the shortcut. You do this by
right-clicking on the shortcut, selecting "Properties", and
finding the file using the "Change icon..." dialog.
Copy "cjDialogs.dll" to your "Windows/system32/" folder and
register the file using "regsvr32.exe". For example, after
copying "cjDialogs.dll" to the correct directory, type the
following command-line into the "Start > Run" prompt:
"regsvr32 cjDialogs.dll"
Install a recent version of Internet Explorer (abbrv. IE).
Version 7 is recommended. The program has not been tested
with versions earlier than version 6 or with the version 8
Make sure that version 5.6 or later of the Windows Scripting
Host (abbrv. WSH) is installed. The latest version is version
5.7. It offers several benefits, including increased
performance, so there's no real reason not to update.
Version 5.7 can be downloaded here:
Note that version 5.6 comes pre-installed on Windows XP, and
version 5.7 comes pre-installed on Windows Vista.
Install version 3.03 of the Adobe SVG browser plugin (abbrv.
ASV). It can be downloaded here:
The pre-release version of ASV 6 is not recommended, as
undesired graphical glitches and poorer performance result
as a consequence of using it.

The file with the ".hta" extension is the executable. Simply
double-click on it to run the program. See the installation
instructions, above, for directions on how to associate a
shortcut and icon with this executable.

Alt+T Switch between objects, containers and map
Alt+P Switch between properties and "More..."
Alt+V Switch between map views.
Alt+H View help.
Alt+N New map.
Alt+L Load map.
Alt+S Save map.
Alt+D Delete map.
Alt+E Export map.
Alt+I Import map.
Alt+F Compile map.
Alt+O View options.
Alt+G Toggle map legend.
Alt+C Toggle point-capturing.
Alt+- Move the selected object down in the list.
Alt+= Move the selected object up in the list.
Tab Switch to next dialog.
Shift+Alt+Key Reverse direction of switching.
Ctrl+- Zoom the entire window out.
Ctrl+= Zoom the entire window in.
Ctrl+0 Set the entire window to its default zoom state.
Ctrl+Mousewheel Zoom the entire window in or out.
Ctrl+Left-click Zoom map in.
Ctrl+Left-click+Drag Zoom map in on a specific area.
Shift+Ctrl+Left-click Zoom map out.
Alt+Left-click+Drag Pan map.
Alt+F4 Exit the program without saving.

The excellent SVG tutorials at carto:net
(http://www.carto.net/) and KevLinDev
Mouse-capturing code by Kevin Lindsey (KevLinDev).
cj at the Kixtart forums
(http://www.kixtart.org/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=cfrm) for



Fixed the bug where map objects were growing in size when
trying to drag them in ASV6.
Fixed the bug where disabled filters were blanking the screen
in ASV6.
The program now uses a ".dll" file for all file I/O
operations. The file needs to be copied to the
"Windows\system32\" directory and registered using
"regsvr32.exe" before MissionDude can be used.
The default import/export folder paths are now saved
automatically after importing/loading or exporting/saving
a file. There is no longer any visible means of changing them
Worked around the issue with the last version of MissionDude
where the program was crashing on Windows Vista. One side-
effect, unfortunately, is that performance is now much slower
on Vista than it is on Windows XP. Hopefully, Microsoft will
release a real fix for this in the future.
Saved maps have been condensed a bit further.
More code has been condensed.
Removed the "Delete" button, as file deletion can now be
achieved easily using the load/save dialogs.
The "More..." button is now only enabled when an object has
properties that make use of it.
The "viewangle" parameter is now indexed starting with zero
instead of one.
The user is now prompted to save objects when setting values
to their defaults.
Split the "Other" tab into two tabs: "Level" and "Info".
Added the "Players" dialog to the "Level" tab.
You can now manually define player characteristics (i.e., the
"player" table in the exported level file) using the new
"Players" dialog. You can specify the race, name and
starting RUs for each player, as well as whether a starting
point is required.
Removed the "maxPlayers" and "levelDesc" options from the
"Level Settings" dialog. The "levelDesc" option was moved to
the "Info" tab. "maxPlayers" is now calculated automatically
based on the number of players.
Moved the SVG and HTML files to a new "XML" subdirectory.
Renamed the "style" subdirectory to "css".
Other fixes.

Fixed bug when changing application settings to their
default values.
Fixed bug in "returncopy" function.
Removed the "false color" filter of the highlight and select
box SVG elements added in the last version. It was slowing
things down too much, and was ugly to boot. I'll leave it to
users to adjust the color settings of the background image to
fit the application, instead of vise versa.
Turned off anti-aliasing of background images.
Fixed bug where status box and legend became hidden when
adjusting the "mapzoom" option.
Refactored the way map object selection is done to make it
more similar to the way it is done for other objects.
Lots of little changes.
Speed of map rendering improved. The map is now rendered only
once per map zoom.
Most DOM nodes and events are now nullified upon unload. This
mainly resolves memory and performance issues I was
encountering when repeatedly refreshing the application, but
may also decrease load (or reload) times at other times, as
The occasional error when displaying (or trying to display)
the progress bar or a child window should now be resolved.
Converted the text element for the "Function" SVG map object
to a path element.
You can now zoom in the map all the way to 16x (at least,
near the center of the map).
Adjusted the parameters of the map and mouse coordinate
checking routines in case I need to scale the contents of the
SVG file at some point in the future.

Added "Snap to Grid" and "Grid Size" options.
The map select and highlight boxes are now black or white
depending on the luminance of the underlying color.
You can now place a background image over the map. Simply
place three images, named "image1.png", "image2.png"
and "image3.png", in the "MissionDude/maps" folder. You
can set the position and displayed size of the images in the
"Options" dialogue.

Switched to a table format for "settings.ini". Old settings
are no longer compatible with the new method.
More code optimizations, this time for space/managability
instead of speed.
Fixed the "returncopy" function so that it actually does what
it's supposed to.
Fixed bug where level settings weren't being imported.
Fixed bug where the "Author" and "Comments" settings were in
some cases not being updated properly when importing levels.
The map is now only reset if the calculated sizes are
different than they were before. (Was causing some slow-down
on my setup.)
Fixed bug where objects weren't being removed from sobgroups
or paths when their types changed to something unsupported.
Fixed bug where sobgroups and paths weren't being updated
when objects were deleted.

Fixed bug where buttons were being activated belatedly when
adding objects.
Enlarged the size of the "Point" and "StartPoint" SVG
Whatever object gets grabbed now automatically is popped to
the top of the stack.
The select highlight box is now located in the top layer,
above all the other map objects.
The program now differentiates between regular squadrons and
Fixed bug where object labels were incrementing by twos
instead of by ones.
Significant speed-up of the SVG map. One result is that the
coordinates of the mouse are now displayed in the bottom-
right corner of the map itself, instead of in the
application's status field.
Significant speed-up of all file I/O operations due to
The child windows generated for such things as the "Load" and
"Options" dialogs now use real, modeless windows instead of
fake, floating DIVs.
Fixed the bug where the two different versions of the "getn"
and "tinsert" functions were conflicting with each other when
importing levels that were made using MissionDude.
Fixed the bug where you couldn't import or compile levels
with spaces in their filenames.
Map loading and initialization now also shows the progress
bar. There is also additional error checking.
Probably some miscellaneous other bug fixes I neglected to
The help files are once again combined into a single HTML
file instead of being spread across multiple IFRAMEs.
Drop shadows now work! They are now also enabled by default.
Added a "Scale on Zoom" option to configure whether map
objects get scaled when zooming. Disabling it speeds up the
redraw speed when zooming, but slows it down when dragging,
so there's a trade-off in either case.
The map select box now scales to the width of the text

Fixed bug in positioning of map objects when dragging.
Speed improvement when dragging objects.

Fixed bug in "makeRectangle" in "MapFunctions.lua".
"MapFunctions.lua" has been split into several files. The
program now only adds custom level functions to the exported
".level" file when and if they are needed, thereby saving
disk space and reducing download times.
The map is no longer reset each time the view is switched,
speeding up the editing process.
Fixed several bugs in "importlevel.lua". (Thanks JMScomp!)
Switched back to absolute instead of fixed positioning for
child windows. It now works in IE6 again. (Thanks JMScomp!)
Map object labels are now generated/displayed in a different
manner, resulting in fewer SVG elements being added to the
map and increased speed, hopefully. Especially beneficial for
heavily populated maps.
Replaced all anonymous functions, thereby eliminating memory
leaks and otherwise improving performance.
Added a progress bar and additional confirmations for several
file I/O operations.

The map window now retains its relative scale as you resize
the application window, and remembers these settings for the
next time you run the program. As a consequence, the "Map
Width" and "Map Height" options have been removed.
Fixed the bug where map axes were changing size at a
different rate than the rest of the map.
Fixed the bug where text size option wasn't being loaded when
the application started.
The program now has a separate "Zoom" option to control the
inital scale of the map.
Slight change to the "Default" stylesheet.

Some stylesheet changes.
Switched to a stripped-down version of "MapFunctions.lua"
without comments, so that exported level file sizes are
Fixed a bug in the Boy, Klein and Kuen surfaces in
Maps are now compiled with the "-s" switch so that they take
up less space. As a result, they can now also never be
Sorted the source files into directories.
Fixed bug with saving output and input folder paths.
The program now reports any Lua script errors in the level
file being imported.

Level import feature working with the help of "Lua4.exe"!
Level compile feature added utilizing "LuaC4.exe".
Saved maps now have a slightly smaller filesize.
Fixed the bug where creating some objects having the "Radius"
parameter was causing errors.
Modified the default parameters for the "shapeAdd" function a
Fixed the bug where the "globeAdd" function wasn't working in
Merged the "Camera" object's "Translation" and "Origin"
Fixed the bug with repeating escape sequences in strings.
The "Unsaved changes" warning message is now disabled when
switching between the "Properties" and "More..." tabs.
Changed the name of the "FogType" paramater to "Type".
Added the remaining fog parameters, as well as "setFXWind".
Added new map objects: "Literal", "DirLight",
"ReactiveSquadron" and "ReactiveAsteroid" (abbreviated
"Rv. Squadron" and "Rv. Asteroid", respectively).
Added another sample map demonstrating all the different
special functions. Removed one older one.
Fixed support of "literalAdd" function in "MapFunctions.lua".
Sobgroups and paths are now updated when modifying objects.
The owner player and class of squadron (either normal or
reactive) is now shown in brackets next to the label for a
When exporting levels, sobgroups are now created before the
distributions are added. (This was necessary in order to
properly support reactive fleets.)
Fixed bugs with "addSobgroup" and "getn" functions in
Changed the way squadrons are added to sobgroups. A table of
sobgroups is now exported to the ".level" file and parsed
using a new function added to "MapFunctions.lua". Also,
sobgroup creation is now done in a separate step from
squadron addition.
Fixed possible bug with the "Camera" object in
Added an "Import Folder" option in addition to the "Output
Folder" option.
Fixed bug with "setDefaultMusic" when exporting.
More rigorous error checking when doing file I/O operations.

Many SVG elements consolidated.
Size of "Data.js" decreased.
More speed improvements.
Fixed bug where object's translation coordinates weren't
getting updated when dragging the object (bug may have been
introduced between versions).
Added a "Drop-shadow" option. Requires a *very* fast CPU.

The program now only checks for the application's (not the
SVG map's!!!) zoom level when maps are loaded or the
application is refreshed (e.g., by using the F5 key). Before,
there was a timer that would periodically update this value
(this, because the "onresize" event wouldn't consistently
fire in IE7), but I believe it was causing a memory leak.
Removed the 8 and 4-bit application icons, as they were
creating artifacts when displayed in the Windows taskbar. Not
sure what causes this problem (it may be an HTA bug, I don't
The map legend's position is now updated when you toggle it
on or off.
The program now selects the correct file to export or save to
if it exists. If not, it suggests a value for the file name.
You now have to save a file first before you may export it.
Added a new stylesheet for the application and enabled it by
default. The stylesheet can now be selected from the
"Options" menu.
Many buttons are now disabled depending on the number of
objects available.
Starting a new map no longer resets the application.
You can now add comments to your map.
Renamed the "Map" button to "Other".
The colored axes now scale according to the width and height
of the map window.
Slight speed improvement when moving the mouse over the map.
The status text is no longer reset when moving the mouse away
from a map object.

Improved documentation.
Fixed mouse coordinates when the entire application is zoomed
using CTRL and the mousewheel.
Added a doctype. The application no longer runs in quirksmode
and is, as a result, more standards-compliant.
Increased the dimensions of all the selection list panes.
Put all the help articles into their own individual pages and
made it so that they are loaded using IFRAMEs.
User is now permitted to choose to continue saving despite
Program now checks for an extension before saving or
exporting a file.
Created a new, Vista-compatible icon.

Fixed the bug where renaming an object caused it to not be
Fixed the bug where dragging an object in one map view caused
the coordinates to be messed up for the other views.
Text contained within map objects' text nodes no longer
becomes selected (e.g., blue, like when selecting text to
copy) when dragging objects.
Saved maps now take up a little less disk space.
The program now asks you whether you want to save or export
when there aren't enough players or starting positions (in
case you prefer to manually configure them in a text editor).
Fixed the bug where some objects' translation coordinates
weren't being updated if other objects in the distribution
had been removed.
Fixed the bug where removing the first object in the
distribution caused the (next) current object not to be set
The radius of an object such as a nebula or cloud is now
represented using a partially opaque circle.
Added "Defaults" button to object properties list.
Noted another hotkey.
Replaced the "Map Size" button with "Map Width" and "Map
Height" input fields, so you can set the map dimensions
Position capturing is now once again only enabled when
"Capture" mode is on. However, you may use either the mouse
or the "Add" button.
You can now once again drag objects while "Capture" mode is
Added another sample map.

Map loading fixed again!!!
Refactored the code base to reduce the amount of redundant
code. Should be a little faster, too.
Added several example maps that show various different
features in use.
Labeling of objects is now done separately from counting.
(This may end up being undesirable...)
Fixed bug where removing the last object in a distribution
wasn't causing the properties to reset to blank values.
Squadrons are now removed from the pool of available objects
once they are added to a sobgroup.
You can now add the same point to a path more than once.
You can now add points and squadrons with "Amount" values
greater than 1 to paths and sobgroups.
Merged the "Name" and "Label" object properties.
Special characters and spaces are no longer allowed in
distribution labels. They're now also handled properly in
sobgroup and path labels, thereby preventing issues when
saving/loading/exporting. GIGANTIC BUG!!!
Added "Output Folder" setting to program options. You can now
specify what folder maps and levels are saved to.
Added "Author" setting to map settings.
Exported level files now show the program they were created
with, the date they were created, the date they were last
modified and the author who created them.
The program now generates an error when two objects have the
same label.
The "Edit" window for distributions, paths and sobgroups no
longer opens if there are no containers to edit.
The program now checks whether an object exists with a
particular label before adding a new object.
The user is now prevented from removing/editing/renaming the
"Main" distribution.
The program now exports the distribution tables in the proper
order, regardless of the order they are listed in the
selection box.
There is now a button to select a distribution for the
special functions that require them. Only those distributions
which don't already exist in the object's hierarchy are
The user is now warned when parameters haven't been saved
before issuing most commands.
The program now prevents users from inputting a reserved word
as a label for an item.
Improved mouseover status text.
The program now prevents users from saving or exporting a map
if a distribution, sobgroup or path exists and is empty.
Most main window commands are now disabled if a child window
is open.
The map legend now stays fixed when panning the map.
The coordinate axes on the map now each have a different
The map grid is now a slightly lighter shade of gray.
Changed the icon for the "Camera" object slightly.
Other map objects' text no longer appears when you've already
grabbed an object.
Fixed bug where zooming with the mouse while hovering over an
object caused errors.
Fixed bug where panning with the mouse while hovering over an
object caused errors.
Fixed bug where object labels on map can sometimes would not
clear when fidgeting with the mouse. (It still sometimes
happens though.)
Double-clicks now register as two separate mouse clicks, for
faster navigation.
Added "+" and "-" buttons to the lists of sobgroups and paths.
Adding a new object now results in a duplicate of the
currently selected object, by default. (This was previously
only the case in "Capture" mode.)
Added a few more hotkeys for moving objects up and down in
the lists.

"New and anonymous copies of objects" problem fixed for good,
this time. Whew!
User is now warned to fill all of an object's parameters
before saving the object.
The program now fills in default properties when creating new
Fixed a bug in "MapFunctions.lua". Included the new version.
The sample map included with the program can now actually be
exported to a working level file. (Doh!)

You can now type in a filename to load.
Fixed broken map loading causing new and anonymous copies of
objects to be created.
Slight change to label incrementation when adding new objects.
You're now informed about which file gets deleted or
overwritten (even though it was pretty obvious).
Fixed point-capturing when the mouse clicks on another object.

Labels for properties were sometimes breaking onto a new line.
Improved documentation and help.
Added several new keyboard shortcuts. Changed "ALT+O" to

Fixed bug where adding an object without saving its
properties caused maps not to save.
Fixed bug where saving or resetting an object's properties
caused a new and anonymous copy of the object to be created.
Updated to latest version of "MapFunctions.lua".
The names of those objects which can take a name are now
incremented automatically if more than one are added at a
time. This is always the case with start points.
Improved drag-and-drop support. It is now enabled by default.
Added a "Delete file" dialogue.
Added "Help" dialogue.

You can now save and restore viewing settings.
Default map size increased.
Changed color of text for deselected tabs.
You can now reorder points and squadrons within existing
paths and sobgroups, respectively.
Changed the name of the main executable file.

Fixed the bug where the player table wasn't being added

Initial release.

I recently discovered that JavaScript doesn't have such a
thing as "block scope" (though it may be added at some time
in the future), like Lua and other programming languages
have. A lot of the code should probably be rewritten to
reflect this.
I'm a little suspicious of the "recursiveplayersearch"
function. I wasn't thinking clearly when I wrote that one.
Anyway, it seems to work and is unlikely to cause any
Sometimes map object labels do not disappear when hovering
over another object. To make the label disappear, simply
hover the mouse over the object a second time.
Squadron and point names do not increment properly if the
distribution they belong to is referenced more than once by
the same map. This problem is extends to "MapFunctions.lua",
as well.
Search for 'wasdistribution' for some disabled code.
In "MapFunctions.lua" it would be better to reference the
special functions using strings and give the "Distributions"
table global scope. However, the "dostring" functions doesn't
work in ".level" files, preventing such strings from being
executed. Also,the special functions themselves have global
scope, creating a conflict between the functions and the
"Distributions" table depending on which gets defined first.
As it stands now, the "Distributions" table must get defined
as a local variable within the "DetermChunk" function, or as
a global variable at the very end of the ".level" file.
The accesskeys (hotkeys) do not all work properly in the
"Default" visual style due to some of the buttons being
disabled under certain circumstances.
There may end up being an issue with how player info (e.g.,
data that gets added to the "player" table in the level file)
is stored and later retrieved by the program. This is because
the info is stored in an associative array. According to the
JScript documentation, "When iterating over an object, there
is no way to determine or control the order in which the
members of the object are assigned to [a] variable." However,
I use associative arrays extensively throughout the program,
and have found that indices are always retrieved in the same
order that they're initially added. It's possible that this
may not hold true for older versions of JScript (or of the
Windows Scripting Host).

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