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Click here to download HW2 Weapon-Script Editor v1.4.4


One of the best tools around - allows very easy creation of custom weapon scripts. Simply: must-have if you want to mod weapons.


Program Description: This program allows you to quickly and easily modify existing weapons and/or create new ones based on the existing weapons. You must have the decompiled *.wepn scripts (they can be anywhere on your hard drive) available so you can load them as a 'template' and save them to another file, or so you can modify them and save them to the same file. You must also have a decompiled familylist.lua in your ..\data\scripts folder.

Current Version: 1.4.4. Download the file attached to this post and extract it anywhere on your harddrive, then run hw2wsed.exe to open the program.

Note: As of version 1.4.4 the program no longer requires comdlg32.ocx.

You may need the Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Service Pack 5 Runtime files to run the program, which you can download directly from Microsoft. Try running the Weapon-Script Editor first; if you receive an error about dependencies (usually DLL or OCX files) try downloading and installing the VB6 runtimes.

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