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Click here to download HW2 Music Tool 1.4.0


Tool for exporting mp3′s to fda & generate lua. This allows you to get your own sound into game in easiest possible way!


What used to be known as the HW2 Music Converter is now back and better than ever! (In other words, it probably works.)

The HW2 Music Tool allows you to convert *.wav and *.mp3 files into *.fda files, the sound format used in the HW2 engine. The Music Tool also generates the necessary *.lua scripts for each song/sound converted.

Note: The tool is attached to this message, scroll to the bottom of this post for a link.

After unzipping the program, run hw2mt.exe, not the other files (enc.exe & madplay.exe,) those are used by the generated batch script.

By the way, I did not create enc.exe or madplay.exe, I just made a program to generate batch scripts that use those converters, the converters were referred to by a thread on converting HW2 music a year ago, and I don't remember where to find it .

For those who used the original HW2MC, here's a list of changes:

* Errors in the produced batch file have been reduced/eliminated (especially those where quotation marks were needed/not-needed.)
* The process converts both *.wav and *.mp3 files properly, and then deletes the junk intermediate files.
* The window is larger so you can actually see the files you added.
* The BitRate's recommended value is now selected by default (in case you forget to set it manually.)
* It only converts files in the same directory as the application itself. This practically eliminates any of the debilitating errors brought about by paths with spaces and files all over the place.

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