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Click here to download Homeworld Windows XP theme


Homeworld theme for windows xp. Requires hacked uxtheme.dll to work.


Homeworld theme.

This is my first Windows skin and logon screen. After more then 2 month work I think it's finally done.
Most skin work was done with notepad but I did layout some things with TGTsoft StyleBuilder. There are few aspects that I think no one has tried before like combo boxes, edit boxes header menu skinning.

#Skin - Homeworld\Homeworld.msstyles
#Wallpaper - Homeworld\Homeworld.bmp
#Boot Screen - Homeworld\boot\Homeworld.exe
#Logon Screen - Homeworld\logon\Logonscreen.exe
#Sounds - Homeworld\sound\
#Mouse Pointers - Homeworld\cursors\
#Shell folder - Homeworld\shell\

Skin has two styles a big homeworld style taskbar and smaller version witch should acuminate most users.

You can install this theme either using StyleXP from TGTSoft or by using hacked version of UXtheme.dll. To install using hacked uxtheme.dll extract content to %SystemRoot%\resources\themes (usually C:\windows\resources\themes) and then just change theme from display properties.

Bug info:
There are few bugs that I'm aware of (level slider in ZoneAlarm)
It is impossible to stress test this theme under all conditions by my self so please send me bug info and I will do my best to fix it. http://zmey.gotdns.com/contact

Copyright (c) Harley