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Mission editor. relatively simple. but unlucky - it doesn′t allow 3D view. Still. it′s very complex tool. allowing you to make anykind of mission there is possible.


MissionBoy Special Edition

Thanks to IWAssasin for releasing the source code to the original MissionBoy
map maker. Also thanks to Skeeter for the ideas.

Version 1.6
1. Removed ability to apply position/orientation settings when placing Player
Start positions - now has to be done when editing.
2. Added back cross to denote center of map
3. Fixed zooming in inadvertently when in editing mode
4. Added Hide All labels option, allowing you to hide everything in one go
5. Increased size of the object type dropdown box
6. Added ability to specify custom asteroids, dust clouds, salvage and nebulae
7. Program now automatically picks up the HW2 directory and, if you've gotten all
the data files extracted, also picks up all content from the relevant directories
8. Added ability to select multiple items from the objects list and delete them
9. Added ability to set multiple items from the objects list to a specific player
10. Added ability to edit specific objects just by clicking on thier label in the top map view
11. Zoom now ignores clicking on labels, so you can click anywhere and it'll zoom regardless
12. Speeding up loading times a bit by removing some debug code
13. Massively speeded up all map redrawing operations by removing redundant calls to the label
redraw function
14. Fixed bug with delete item crashing the program
15. Renamed "Map Left View" to "Map Front View" since thats what it really is
16. Fixed vertical axis in Front View being upside down
17. Fixed bug with loaded levels having an extra space after the name
18. Fixed bug with saving level even though cancel was selected on save screen
19. Added ability to set font size for labels
20. Added saving of font size and grid size to registry
21. Added link to Mission Boy SE Website in Help menu

Version 1.5
1. Added ability for any object to be placed at random height
2. Added new section in Globals: Grid Size. Allows grid to be changed for larger
3. Added ability to specify custom music
4. Added ability to specify custom backgrounds
5. Fixed bug where "Select Type" would constantly popup

Version 1.4
1. Added zoom feature
2. Allowed zooming in any part of the process not just placement mode
3. Fixed resizing problem

Version 1.3
1. Fixed map scaling bug (size extents are now correct)
2. Fixed crash when trying to add more than one startpos for the same player
3. Decreased size of font in labels on the map view
4. Pebbles are now added to the NonDetermChunk section
5. Removed Pebble_3 type

Version 1.2
1. Fixed program not exiting bug
2. Fixed bug when removing last object from map
3. Added back in ability to place custom ships
4. Added ability to show only labels for specific objects (ie turn off
pebbles but show everything else)
5. Turned off showing of pebble labels by default
6. Fixed green colour not saving properly
7. Added loading of maps
8. Removed "Type" and "ArrayID" columns as these where for debugging only
9. Resized Objects list
10. Added random height variance for asteroids and pebbles
11. Added New Map option
12. Added ability to click and drag when placing objects across the map,
meaning a trail can easily be drawn

Version 1.1
1. First release
2. Added grid
3. Added left hand map view
4. Added list of objects
5. Added ability to edit current objects
6. Fixed bug with saving when no filename specified
7. Added dropdown for players
8. Added dropdown for background
9. Added dropdown for music
10. Removed "Custom Ship" option
11. Added labels for objects on map
12. Added ability to move objects after placement

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