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Application for massive decompiling of LUA files. can be very useful. and save a lot of boring work.


This program makes use of Age2un's LuaDC.dll on a whole new level. It allows you to choose the directory where you extracted your Homeworld2.big file and then decompile every compiled lua file. This includes *.ship, *.wepn, *.nis, *.events, *.lua, *.madstate, *.campaign, *.miss, *.anim, *.pebble, *.nebula, *.flare, *.level, *.mad, *.mc, *.resource, *.navs, *.wf, *.subs, *.ti, and *.mres files. They overwrite the old ones so no manual renaming is necessary.

Make sure you back up your extracted directory (if you use it for other things. You can always just re-extract the hw2.big file.) There are many files that LuaDC cannot properly decompile, a few of which are: all of the *.level files and most of the files in the UI directory.

Version History

2.0 - Jan. 2, 2005 - Now it uses LuaDC.dll to decompile the files, instead of using a batch file. This makes it faster, less buggy, and easier to use!

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