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Subcategory: 3D, Textures, Effects
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Click here to download HW2 HOD Reporter 5.2


Application dumping a lot info about HODs, displaying HW2 backgrounds, and doing many god-knows-what stuff.


This HW2 HOD Reporter can display the HW2 background HODs in a 3D view:

m01.hod, m02.hod, m03.hod, m04.hod, m05.hod, m06.hod, m07.hod,
m08.hod, m09.hod, m10.hod, m11.hod, m12.hod, m13.hod, m14.hod
m15.hod, and 'white.hod'.

... Since point-star display is added in v4, the 'taniswstars.hod' can
also be viewed (it's stars only).

Comment to v. 4.1 :

... the star-maps B02.tga & B03.tga can now be displayed too, with the
point-stars and the coloured background mesh.
Leave B02.tga & B03.tga in the same directory as the .exe.

Comment to v. 5 :

... use 32-bit TGA images only for creating background meshes.
This version doesn't create a HW2 background HOD yet.

Use the function in the menu to 'halftone' the
32-bit TGA file YOU (!) provide.

Comment to v. 5.1 :

... can save 'filtered' files that have not been properly half-toned.
Indicates improperly halftoned TGA images & filters if needed.

Saves HW2 background HODs,
including sphere mesh, point-stars & star-maps

Comment to v. 5.2 :

... altered (improved) HOD read code,
improved reporting on 'elite' ship HODs faces.

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