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Click here to download RDN - Homeworld 2 Toolkit


Hosted on many various sites, but here is my mirror. Set of tools and documentation necessary for creating Homeworld 2 Mods.


Relic Developer's Network - Homeworld 2 Toolkit
Version 1.0
Readme File

About This Document:

Thank you for downloading the Homeworld 2 Toolkit!

Should you encounter any problems or have any questions, please refer to the RDN website at www.relic.com/rdn for additional instructions.


Installation Prerequsites

The following applications must be installed before in order to take full advantage of
this RDN release:

1. Photoshop (5.5 or above)
2. Maya Builder (3.0 or above)
3. Microsoft Excel

Package Installation

1. Make sure the "HW2_ROOT" environment variable is defined and points to the directory where Homeworld2 is installed (e.g. C:\Homeworld2). This is done by clicking on Control Panel/System/Advanced/Environment Variables and adding HW2_ROOT as a new System Variable

2. Copy the contents of the RDN package into the Homeworld2 directory if you haven't already done so. You should find a "Tools", a "Maya", and a "Documents" directory in the Homeworld2 directory afterwards.

3. Follow the instructions found in Documents\HW2_Maya_Install_Doc.doc.

4. Follow the instructions found in Documents\HW2_PhotoshopActionInstallation.doc.

5. Unarchive the core files into the Data directory by executing the following in the Windows Command Prompt:
> cd %HW2_ROOT%\Data
> ..\tools\bin\archive -a Homeworld2.big -e %HW2_ROOT%\Data.


Start the FXTool by executing %HW2_ROOT%\tools\bin\FXToolGL\FxToolShortcut.exe.

Refer to Documents\FX_Tool_Documentation.doc for details on using the FXTool.

Maya + Photoshop

Refer to the art pipeline document for the model creation workflow.

We have included three example ship models: The Hiigaran Interceptor, Hiigaran Pulsar Gunship, and Hiigaran Carrier.

You can find them in %HW2_ROOT%\DataSrc\Ship\Hgn_Interceptor, %HW2_ROOT%\DataSrc\Ship\Hgn_PulsarCorvette, and %HW2_ROOT%\DataSrc\Ship\Hgn_Carrier.