Total 26 files.

Name Size Added Sub-category
Homeworld 2 Community Soundtrack 2.0 152MB 30-03-2008 Sound
Homeworld Cataclysm sample MP3s 5.83MB 30-04-2008 Sound
Relic Community Homeworld Soundtrack 2.0 185MB 19-08-2008 Sound
Homeworld Windows XP theme 2.98MB 21-06-2008 Customization
SE K750i Homeworld Fan pack v.1.1 2.32MB 20-06-2008 Customization
Homeworld Windows 98 themes 1.62MB 21-06-2008 Customization
Homeworld 1.05 patch 1.97MB 30-03-2008 Official files
Homeworld 2 Official Wallpapers 1.2MB 12-04-2008 Official files
Homeworld 2 Trailer 4.99MB 12-04-2008 Official files
Homeworld Cataclysm 1.01 patch UK USA SPA ITA FRA DEU 15.9MB 30-04-2008 Official files
Homeworld Official Screensavers 6.55MB 30-04-2008 Official files
Homeworld Cataclysm/Homeworld: GotY edition Trailer 1.07MB 30-04-2008 Official files
Homeworld 2 FanSite kit 27.8MB 01-05-2008 Official files
Homeworld Cataclysm Official Wallpapers 1.15MB 21-06-2008 Official files
HW2 Manager v1.21 12KB 09-04-2008 Other
Homeworld 2 Official Site 2.93MB 24-04-2008 Other
Homeworld 2 Translations - EN. SPA. ITA. FRA. DEU 504KB 30-04-2008 Other
Homeworld Trainers 133KB 30-04-2008 Other
MacHomeworld 0.9alpha 2.07MB 24-07-2008 Other
Sky′s Homeworld 1 Multiplayer Recoded Games 490KB 15-10-2008 Other
Homeworld Multiplayer Maps pack 1.4MB 15-10-2008 Other
NemesisChikens HW2 Build Unit Lanes 80KB 18-10-2008 Other
Super Nova Research Station 1.51MB 08-02-2010 Other
Homeworld Cataclysm Advanced Multiplayer Handbook 133KB 12-04-2008 Books
Homeworld 2 : KarosGraveyard 1.21MB 12-04-2008 Books
Homeworld 2 Scripts (includes Dust Wars) 1.2MB 21-06-2008 Books

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