modding tools

Total 27 files.

Name Size Added Sub-category
Batch Lua Decompiler v2.0 39KB 03-04-2008 Scripting
Cold Fusion Hod Editor 2.7.7 w Manual 774KB 30-03-2008 3D, Textures, Effects
Cold Fusion Hod Editor 3.1.5 251KB 30-03-2008 3D, Textures, Effects
Cold Fusion Hod Editor 3.19 252KB 01-05-2008 3D, Textures, Effects
Cold Fusion LUA Decompiler 1.0 35KB 02-04-2008 Packing/Unpacking
File Specifications: BIG LIF GEO 141KB 30-04-2008 Other
Homeworld .big file viewer 3.0 209KB 30-03-2008 Packing/Unpacking
HW The Background Tool of the Geeks 500KB 08-02-2010 3D, Textures, Effects
HW2 Background Builder v.1.2.3 690KB 30-03-2008 Other
HW2 HOD Reporter 5.2 108KB 02-04-2008 3D, Textures, Effects
HW2 MissionDude 1.55 358KB 31-05-2008 Mapping
HW2 Music Tool 1.4.0 185KB 03-04-2008 Other
HW2 Pretty-Printer 9KB 20-02-2012 Scripting
HW2 ProofReader 0.1 12KB 30-04-2008 Scripting
HW2 TeamColours Chooser 0.9 11KB 20-04-2008 Other
HW2 Weapon-Script Editor v1.4.4 35KB 03-04-2008 Scripting
MADEd v.1.0.1 70KB 02-04-2008 Scripting
Maya File Converter 1.0 16KB 30-03-2008 3D, Textures, Effects
MissionBoy Special Edition 1.6 1.92MB 03-04-2008 Mapping
ModPackager 1.01 307KB 30-03-2008 Packing/Unpacking
Nvidia DDS plugins 5.26MB 20-04-2008 3D, Textures, Effects
PEON v.1.0b - Homeworld Geometry Processor 130KB 30-04-2008 3D, Textures, Effects
Pipakin's text-based dockpoint editor 31KB 02-04-2008 Scripting
RDN - Homeworld 2 Toolkit 34.6MB 01-04-2008 Other
SCAR Documentation 57KB 24-04-2008 Scripting
SpookyRAT v2.0.0 571KB 30-03-2008 3D, Textures, Effects
SpookyROT v2.5.0 20KB 30-03-2008 3D, Textures, Effects

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