Must visit

Encyclopedia Hiigara

Encyclopedia of all things related to Homeworld. Contains largest online gallery of concept arts, most complete timeline of Homeworld events, unique info about Homeworld soundtracks, tracks most recent updates of Homeworld 3 creation and first of all: is most complete source of Homeworld canon you ever seen!

Homeworld Shipyards

Simple guide through most of Homeworld Ships, contains also decent concept arts gallery. Site inactive since 2006

Official Homeworld 2 site

Worth to visit because of nice Hiigarans and Vaygr backstories.

Homeworld Access

Very nice site created by Homy (great guy btw.) - lots of info, and large downloads gallery - only real competitor of Assam Kiith'sid Storehouse. Unlucky no major updates there since 2007, but Homy still visits it, so you can post on Shoutbox.


Homeworld Shots

Huge collection of screens from Homeworld games and mods.

Relic Entertainment's site about Homeworld

Worth to visit the side of Homeworld creators. Unlucky - very few info out there (Relic's website from '2007 was far better in that matter)

Wikipedia: Homeworld

Article about Homeworld on Wikipedia

Real Time Strategic Carnage (RTSC)

Uber-old but still online website about several games including all three Homeworld games. Worth to visit it and see how pages about Homeworld looked like back in '2000. Still contains lot of valuable info, but majority of the links is outdated.


Info for Macintosh users about Homeworld games (how to run them, and such)

Support for Homeworld Source Code modders, contains nice SVN repository. - Centrum Dowodzenia Floty

Polish Homeworld fan site (small... and almost inactive, but still there)

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