Assam Kiith'sid Storehouse is a file-hosting website dedicated to the Homeworld games (classics, not the remakes).



Website restored after a failure lasting since March 2017 caused by the configuration changes in the hosting service. It's restored the sake of sentiment, but no further work is planned.
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By an accident I found an old archive CD with several files from Homeworld. Most of them were already up, but I uploaded those few which weren't - including some nice Babylon 5 mods. Hope you'll enjoy it. If you'd like to know - for last few months there has been over 400 visitors per month, most from USA, Japan, UK, China, but Homeworld fans are spread all over the world - there are downloads from Mauritius, Zimbabwe, French Polynesia, Guernsey, Guatemala or Afghanistan. Hope you all enjoy the files you get from here!
59 files online, total 546MB.


Today Assam passed 2009 downloads milestone! Nice gift for a new year. Thank you everyone involved! :D. So here are some news: A webslice is added for you to track Assam stats (click Alt+J in IE8+) - BTW: It's a great feature, makes me almost wanna to start loving Microsoft again, hehe ;). Also some of minor fixes for google were made, so now eg. the report pages won't be indexed and so on.
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Created links page, added contact form to me on Submit page, a milestone of 500MB was reached. We also got Soundtracks from both Homeworld games. I'm proud to say that Assam reached almost 50 visitors per week. Unlucky many people just come to site, download file and quit without even browsing other resources... I'll try to introduce some internal advertisement system hopefully to reduce Bounce Rate below 50% (55% now).
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Site is now fully compatible with IE, I also fixed a few minor bugs in Safari. Added: admin tool for editing the files and a feature to display the last version update (date when current version was uploaded on Assam); back story.
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It's been one month already since I've created this site. I thought that it's good time to show up some stats, so: over 100 people visited Assam, making total 158 visits and over 600 page views, with only 40% people returning back to site, and 60% of new visitors. Averaging 3.81 page views per visit, the most viewed page was a list of Modding Tools. 53% of people came from RelicNews forums and about 20% found site on a Google. Most visitors used Firefox (43%, next was IE with 34%), while only 3% were Opera users (5% Safari). Most of the visitors were from USA (27%).
43 files online, total 285MB.


Added: link "more..." that will allow you to see more detailed stats; Sorting for files; Submit page (only file requests for now); new method for displaying a file size.
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Added file reporting feature - now you can report broken links, files and wrong descriptions. Also I tested the website on Safari and all seems to be working fine :) Get Safari here!


Modified download script. No more bugs nor corrupted files, filenames are now more... descriptive. Also if you are using a software for accelerating downloads - it resume capability should work fine now.
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Help pages added, some intro. Now Assam can be found on google, but crawler didn't indexed all of the files yet, so... hopefully soon it will be possible to be find this website without any problems. :)
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Assam Kiith'sid Storehouse goes online. Very early stage of development, in time it'll be expanded and a layout improved (right now it's very crude, only plain text and tables).
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Background story

On the 7 AHL, when Hiigarans were accommodating to their new home, an unnamed logistics officer came to the empty place in one of Assam Kiith'sid districts. Out there he decided to build a great warehouse storing food for thousands of citizens living in this district.
As former Kushans rebuild their civilization the Warehouse grown bigger and bigger, eventually in 11 AHL being largest such facility on Hiigara. When a need of food rationing wasn't so great any more, navy made it a place to store the spare parts of their new corvettes, and later on other resources necessary for the rebuild of an Empire.
In 87 AHL warehouse become accessible for private companies making it a heart of the industry in Assam East district.


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