Who are you?

I'm Sky_walker. Aka 'wikia guy' ;). You can find me on RelicNews forums, or on Encyclopedia Hiigara (nick: SkywalkerPL)

Would you host my file?

ofq. I would! :) If it's mod, modding tool, or some cool file related to homeworld I would be very glad to host it. Please, PM me on RelicNews Forums details about your file and I'll host it / give you access to FTP. Remember to write the size of file, and to which category it would fit best. Also remember that file needs to be 100% legal

I found some bug!

DM it to me on RelicNews forums. Later on it'll be possible to submit bugs via submit page.

Some files here could use links...

Yup, that's true. I'll add soon(tm) feature to submit missing links.

Can I comment files?


Can you help me with...

No. For appz support post on RelicNews threads related to specific application, or contact with author.

I'm looking for a file ... could you get it?

Depends on file, but I can search for it - just PM me on RelicNews Forums

Damn, there is so few files here...

Relax, more will come in time :)

Damn, there is so few mods here...

Usually I don't host mods. They have very large size, and therefore uses available disc space more than anything. But if you are mod author, then contact with me, and most likely I'll agree to host it.

Why files download via some odd file 'download.php'?

It's created to make it impossible for anyone to steal direct links to the files. It also allows me to monitor which files uses most bandwidth (each transferred MB costs some cash, whatever you know this or not ;) )

This site is ugly!

Well... it's file hosting service, not deviantART.

Not only deviant art is pretty!

Yup, but there were only two options - white text-only webpage, or this one. I chose this one, so that noone would say that I'm layzy :P

Could you add...

If you have any idea - contact with me, and I'll gladly listen to it, or even include.